Friday, August 5, 2011

Blackberry Briar Cocktail

Tis the season of hiking along trails with an extra Tupperware container at the ready, hoping to stumble upon a blackberry bramble, heavy laden with deep purple fruit. A joyous, lip-stained time of blackberry cobblers & buckles, jam & preserves.

And why not blackberry cocktails?

Bunches of basil are easy enough to find at the farmers' market. It's time to make at triple batch of lemon basil syrup to have at the ready for cocktails and mocktails. The addition of basil makes blackberry cocktails fascinating. In this iteration, rum brings the buttery richness of a baked dessert, gin adds some complexity, while lemon basil syrup sweetens and broadens the flavor palate. A hint of green, a bit of bite, and the rich juiciness of summer berries.

Well worth raising a toast to summer!
(Thanks for being willing taste-testers in your sunny spot of San Francisco, DR&MR!)

Blackberry Briar Cocktail
serves 4

5 oz lemon basil syrup
4 oz gin
3 oz blackberry rum**
3 oz lemon juice

**Infuse rum with several ounces (roughly 4 oz) blackberries. Agitate and smash berries several times over 24hrs. Strain berries from rum, pressing on solids to extract juices.

Mix blackberry rum, gin, lemon basil syrup, and lemon juice. Pour several ounces of the cocktail mixture into each of 4 glasses of ice. Top each glass with with sparkling water. Garnish with a lemon slice, blackberry, and basil sprig.

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