Friday, October 21, 2011

Absinthe Spins a Pirouette

Ever since I made cold-brew (infused) absinthe, I have made certain to my eye open for excuses to use well-rationed amounts in new cocktail creations.

My go-to absinthe usage has become a tablespoonful in the bottom of a flute, topped with the remainders of a bottle of bubbly, creating a "Death in the Afternoon." Channeling Hemingway, the famous consumer of this beverage, is, of course, a dangerous proposition. But mixing absinthe and sparkling wine is absolutely, madly brilliant and prosaical.

I'm not exactly tiring of serving mimosas at brunch, but I had been thinking it'd be nice to mix things up a bit. But we were still serving brunch. In the morning. Death in the Afternoon seemed too... well, too late-ish. So when I saw a recipe for a Mirabelle cocktail on Food & Wine's website using mirabelle plum puree and pernod, I had inspiration for a complex, sweet brunch libation worthy of my last 1/2 c of absinthe. Not to mention, it's pluot season! Time to spin some enduring liquid prose?

So it was.


serves 6

3 plums or pluots

4 oz Pernod (absinthe)

1 bottle Prosecco

Slice plums/pluots, reserve 6 thin slices for garnish. Freeze garnish while preparing remainder of beverage.

Puree plums in a blender. Just before serving, add absinthe and 1 c Prosecco to plum puree. Stir gently.

Strain roughly 1/4c of puree mixture into each of 6 flutes. Top each with Prosecco and garnish with frozen plum slice. Spin a little pirouette as you sip!

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